Surfers camp in Guimarães

“The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun”

Surfing, a commonly known water sport in which the surfer that is the wave rider, rides on the face of the moving wave, which usually takes the surfer towards the shore.

It is one of the most exciting and thrilling sport, which makes you dance with the fast paced waves. Earlier it was the central part of the ancient Polynesian culture, but in today’s time, it is prominent across the countries with beaches and water bodies.

The most famous country known for water surfing is Portugal (southern European country), because of its mild climate with solid surf with offshore morning breezes making it the most eye-catching surfing destination. The country offers its shore space to thousands of surfers from and outside Europe. Portugal has different sized waves making the sport more approachable, and is also ideal for learners as there are many surf learning packages across the shores.

Situated in the west of Spain, the country picks up north south and west swells, making the surf conditions consistent. During winter the swell size is around 6ft mark but can get to 15ft or more, making it a spot for those looking for challenging surf. Surf continues throughout the summer, where one can expect wave length upto 3-ft. Basically, surfing is an all seasonal water sport, giving you zeal and thrill. This sport fills one with bundles of memories, laughter and fun.

Surfing with the dancing wave, is in itself an art and requires complete balance and courage. It is easy to learn the sport with the right instructor and guidance. All you need is patience, interest and yes a surfing board too .. !! Portugal catches a lot of attention on the grounds of water sports and adventure.

For beginners, it might feel little bit profound as where to start and how to it take it off. Warm water and sunshine days are the best for water surfing, and if you are on holiday and planning for a surf, then nothing can be better than this. For the experienced one, Portugal has a lot of beaches with heighted waves turning out to be more adventurous for the challenge takers.

Want to surf or learn surfing? Go and grab your seat at one of the best surfing camps in Portugal . Yes, we are talking about Estela Surf and Hostel. It is a surfing camp run by a local-friendly couple of local surfers.The surf camp is located in the quiet village of Estela, 20 minutes from Porto airport and 10 minutes from Póvoa de Varzim metro station.

The surf camps offers wide variety of packages and programs that one can add to its holiday trip, along with a nice and a comfortable stay. Surf learning from well-trained personnel, transportation to and from the surf classes, surf boards and other facilities are provided by the camp. The packages are of 2 nights, , 7 nights and surf lesson pack, all of them include breakfast, stay, shuttle,yoga and surf lessons (depends on the package).

In surf camps, teachers are also provided who will be mentoring out and will be there with you while surfing, thus making it more protective. The guides put their heart and soul in making the people learn and enjoy their surfing time. There are basically two types of courses that is basic (for beginners) and intensive (more advanced one).

Take a dive in the Portugal waters, click selfies and pictures and shake your body with the ups and downs of waves on your surfing board. Water surfing in Portugal is itself a memorable and ecstatic experience. So, what are you waiting for go and take that life-time experience .. !!


( Marco the surfcamp owner riping )