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So, you want to learn surfing? You deserve a pat on the back. To be frank, to novice surfer surfing may look easy and fun, but it’s not. There is a lot to learn when you are just starting. It perhaps seems all you need is board and waves, but you must be armed with certain knowledge, tips, and experience to conquer this amazing sport like a pro. No matter whether you are a surfer wanting to get started or a pro surfer who wishes to take it to the next level.

By now you must have guessed or taken a cue regarding what today’s post has to say. Yup, it is for your surfers.

These tips will give you an idea to help you get started and maximize your performance on the water.

So, brace yourself surfers.

  • Don’t try to learn all by yourself that’s why we have experts who have had considerable experience and being taught by expert surfers.

Well stated, it’s a cakewalk when you know how?

Yes, you heard it right. A cakewalk referred to something uncomplicated and effortless. So, wave riders once you figure out how to surf you can do it with grace and style. Just like a pro. You have to do it with the absence of ego and arrogance, remember that.

If you are planning a surf trip in the north of Portugal then Estella surf camp and hostel is your goto choice to learn and slay as surfers. Trust me, you are going to savor one heck of the best surf camp in Portugal.

Póvoa de Varzim is a Portuguese city in Northern Portugal and sub-region of Greater Porto, 30 km from its city center. Whereas  Aguçadoura is located 6 km north of downtown Póvoa de Varzim; and has as borders: the ocean to the west, and the parishes of Estela to the north, Navais to the east, and A Ver-o-Mar to the south. These are a popular hub for surfing.

  • Before anything, you need to find out the instructor.

Well, this is crucial to avoid injuries. A trained instructor will guide you throughout the surfing sessions on how to read the water, tides, weather forecasts, as well as share tips with you regarding the perfect positioning on the board. If you seriously want to learn this sports research the coach in advance

  • Select the right board if you want to surf in a better way

To be good at something you need to master every single detail about it. Make sure you keep a check on the material of the board. Aptly stated! Waves are not measured in feet and inches. They are measured in Increments of fears.

  • Do some pre-workout before you hit the waves

Yes, you heard it right. It is important to stretch your muscles as it will eliminate the chances of cramps when you’re in the water. It also improves endurance. It will help you stay active and enjoy more.

  • While you began, slow down your pace

It is but natural that surge of excitement flows within especially when you are new to surfing. Do not let this excitement take a toll on your surfing session Be careful! Be comfortable with the small waves first. Yes, began conquering or you may say tackling small waves first because you can’t be a veteran surfer overnight. As the famous phrase says practice makes man perfect and the same applies to the surf sport also. Surfing needs time, patience as well as perseverance.

Last, but, not least your muscles will get sore and mush after being too much worked up in the water. Therefore, it is advised to binge on a protein-filled diet. Umm that’s smells delicious! It will aid in muscle recovery.

Hope it has been a thrilling read. Until we get you another update have a great time.