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The UK has always been a land of surfers. People in the great land of Britishers have mentioned surfing as their favorite sport many times. If you are also one of those UK residents who love to surf, then this penned note is especially for you. Here we discuss how to take your surfing skills a level up with the best surf camp in Portugal.

Now, you must be pondering about why Portugal when there are numerous surfing spots in the UK itself. Well, the answer is quite simple. The way a cricketer becomes an outstanding player after he plays on different grounds outside his home country, in the same way, to become a top-notch surfer, you need to explore various kinds of waves. Further, trying out new things is always thrilling and fun.

Here comes another question why only Portugal and not some other place. Well, we have got a simple reason for the same. Porto has got many mesmerizing spots for surfing that a surfer cannot afford to miss. Many surfing enthusiasts all over the world come to the best surf camp in North Portugal to explore these unexplored beaches.

Are you wondering about which are these incredibly amazing places to surf in Portugal? Well, we are going to share the same in the below segment.

Amazing places to surf in Portugal (Recommended by the best surf camp in Porto)

Here are those fascinating surf spots that every UK surfer must visit at least once. The best part is that this list is prepared by the surfing experts at the best surf camp in North Portugal.

  1. Sagres: Do you want to have a glimpse of life undersea? If yes, then perhaps this is among the best places to go. It not only gives you the ultimate surfing experience but also an opportunity to view whales and dolphins live in front of your eyes. Moreover, the weather here is quite pleasant too. The water is suitable for surfing in all seasons ranging from spring to winter.
  2. Arrifana: Surfing on this beach is a challenge in itself. Are you up for it? If yes, then this spot with the most violent waves is waiting for you. Well, do not worry as the expert trainers at the best surf camp in Portugal will always be present to be your guide and helping hand in your entire surfing journey. Apart from challenging waters, this place also offers some amazing tourist attractions, such as Costa Vicentina’s National Park for you to visit.
  3. Praia do Amado: Do the idea of surfing in the waters with strong currents fascinate you? If yes, then you should not miss out on Praia do Amado surfing spot in Portugal. As per the training experts at one of the most renowned surf camp in Porto, this beach has one of the steepest waves you can ever come across. Moreover, this famous beach also hosts many competitions where you can win enticing prizes.
  4. Praia de Carcavelos: Are you a food lover and beginner at surfing? If yes, then this is the place for you. It is among the favorite surfing spots of novice surfers due to its relatively safe waters. In addition to this, the beach also has many bars and restaurants around it that offer amazingly delicious cuisines. However, be sure to enroll in a surf camp in Portugal as early as possible because this place gets a whole lot crowded in summer.
  5. Ericeira: Do you love seafood and pastries? If yes, then checkout Ericeira. This place has a lot of beaches ranging from S. Lourenço to Foz do Lizandro and outlets to relish tasty food. Moreover, the place is not crowded; hence, you can enjoy your me-time here.

The above were some of the surfing spots that surfers in the UK can explore. However, since Portugal is a new place for you, having a companion that can help make your experience better is a good idea. And, the best surf camp in Porto can be that surfing partner for you.