Yoga and Surfing for many surfers are a popular combination. Professional surfers with the help of yoga increase their effectiveness in water. Yoga offers a wide repertoire of breathing, balance and stretching exercises, frees you from strength. Realize how it works and what is the difference between the various type of yoga that are practiced in Yoga camps in Portugal.

Feel the harmony and peace

Surfing for Soul Surfer – means Yoga on the water. This type of surfer is not interested in competition or fame. Soul Surfer describes his feelings while surfing, “to be alone with the world.” Surfing is a spiritual dance with his passion, with the sea.

Recovery after surfing

The evening Yoga sessions at the Top yoga camps in Portugal are focused on relaxing asanas (exercise) to support recovery. Exercise stimulates blood circulation, makes hard muscles soft again, and thus prevents fit.

Several types of yoga are there practiced in Portugal:

Ananda – is yoga with gentle exercises that aim to prepare you for meditation. The various postures are associated with affirmations and exercises that channel energy into the body, whether specific organs or simply regions.

Hatha – is the most well-known style of yoga and is based on exercises, movement, breathing and meditation. When the practitioner is already able to correctly execute the posture sequences, they even function as an internal massage of the organism, benefiting organs and regions, giving them vitality of regenerative power.

Swásthya Yoga – is also very well known and practiced in Portugal. Your exercises have very rapid effects in increasing flexibility and strengthening muscles, making them more defined. It also benefits the spine and the endocrine, respiratory and circulatory systems.

Hot – is practiced in environments heated to temperatures between 38º C and 41º C. It appeared in Beverly Hills and is also known for yoga of the stars.

Integral – aims to integrate the various aspects of being. It involves postures, breathing techniques, deep relaxation to achieve effective meditation.

Ivengar – this style of yoga was created by instructor B. Ivengar at the beginning of the last century. It uses supports such as blocks or belts to help achieve perfect alignment and precision during the execution of the postures.

Raja – is based on meditation and practically does not include physical work. It proposes the inner journey as a way to balance and control one’s own life and thoughts, helping to make the habit of thinking, feeling and reacting in a negative way disappear.

Sivananda – consists of a series of twelve postures with the well-known salutation to the sun, mantras (a kind of musicized prayers that, when uttered, emit specific vibrations) and breathing.

Discover some spiritual retreats in Portugal

Retreat of silence

The retreat lives up to its name: the most complete silence for 2 days listening only to the sacred sound of Tibetan bowls and gongs. “Silence” means being with yourself, awakening your “inner self”.

Below are some of the top yoga retreats in Portugal:

Porto Buddhist Center

A meeting space, that’s how it is defined the Porto Buddhist Center. The place promotes the knowledge and practice of Buddhism, as a culture of peace, where meditation is present.

Karuna Retreat Center

Karuna is a non-profit project, located in an isolated area overlooking the formidable Algarve coast, surrounded by the region’s fauna and flora. Some consider it as one of the most beautiful spiritual retreats in Portugal, due to the local geography.

Life Awakens

Located at 79 km from Coimbra, in a wild ecological reserve, in central Portugal. The place promotes volunteer programs, courses and events, being one of the spiritual retreats in Portugal with the greatest variety of practices.

Casa Shanti

The main purpose of Casa Shanti is to develop and disseminate methodologies that help people deal with and combat stress, collaborating for physical, mental and spiritual regeneration.

Retiro d’Aveiras

It happens to be an ultimate retreat for those looking for balance with Mother Nature, through Shamanism. In this place, people participate in some rituals in order to discover their power animal. It is one of the few spiritual retreats in Portugal that address Shamanism.