surf lesson

In any sport, timing can be the difference between a striking jump shot for the win and missed field goal for the crushing loss. But often, the characteristic of a great athlete that is so baffling is faultless timing, and surfing is no different. As a result learning specific tips and techniques are most important in sports. However, the sports have a natural rhythm of waves, and the techniques are perhaps vital in advanced surfing than in other sports. Outlined below are some tips and techniques that you should follow to learn the surfing.

Flat swells: 

As you know, the waves will frequently attack, when you are riding in the middle of the ocean. The waves are generally flat in appearance, and too far away from the peak, and are known as the flat swells. It will check building up the waves adequately for making you to ride, which means it not only preventing to waste your energy and efforts but is also make out of position to the next waves. If you get to practice on a surf school Porto, you can reduce wave breaks and levelled wave lines on your heads in surfing.


If you are interested in learning surfing before you should know the details about surfboard and the nature of riding. There are no slopes or angles, which makes the closeouts impossible to surf. However, there may also have techniques to handle your closets, like “take it as a rat” method. By following this method, you will trucks in the waves and charges out. When you join the surf school Portugal, you can get the complete details about the techniques, like straighten out. In this technique, your head will be straight to the shore before the waves close out to avoid being hit on your face.

Learn to choose the right wave:

For a learner, every wave is the same, like bigger and better. But the advanced surfers know the techniques to break the bigger waves. If you join in the best surf camps in Portugal, you can know the wave line and its levelling. And also, you can take a look at the back of the wave as it passes, further you can check how it breaks.

Check the waves and adjust with feet:

Generally, the surf watches are great to confirm the wave period. When you have more experience in this surfing, you can predict the statistical timing of the waves. By getting simple and statistical information on the line-up, you will know when the wave set comes. At the time, if you are suffering from static feet, then there is something wrong. When the lip of a wave attacks, you should try to move your back foot to the tail of the surfboard so that you can turn it soon.

Analyse the mistake and broaden the working area:

Surfers are not robust, and everyone can make mistakes, even the professionals. If you make a very simple mistake and fail to complete your task, do not judge yourself low. It is time, where you have to analyse your mistake and try to reduce it in the future. For making the changes in this process, get your performance to a higher level with top to bottom and bottom to top surfing.

The bottom line:

Finally, spending more time on learning the tips and techniques in the surfing water sport will help you to sharpen your power of observation. Thus the above mentioned advanced tips and techniques will be highly useful to make changes in your riding. You should analyse your own performance to meet your next goal as you take your surfing to a higher level.