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Finally, the holiday season is here! The longing is over and now you can look forward to your holidays this Christmas. Christmas happens to be a significant day for Christians. It reminds them of the importance of giving and sharing with family and friends. 

The best thing about Christmas is that it is such a festival which people from all over the world celebrate it despite it being a Christian festival. Another notable thing about Christmas is the holiday. Christmas and New Year’s holidays come with a blast. You get a week of fun, sparkle, love, and care. There is nothing better than celebrating this festival with your family and friends. 

Additionally, many consider going on a family holiday for a whole week from Christmas to the new year’s which seems like a great idea as it awakens the feeling of togetherness. 

Where should I plan my Christmas New Year’s family/friends trip?

I bet this question is lingering around you this December. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Estela Surf & Hostel can be your destination this year! This year combines your passion for surfing with an unforgettable stay with your friends and family. 

Why should I consider spending a holiday at Estela Surf & Hostel?

If you are passionate about surfing or surfing is something that intrigues you, then this is just the right opportunity to spend your holiday at the best Porto surf school. There is a lot you can do here at this surfing school. Not only will it be adventurous but also the memories you will make here with your loved ones are going to be impeccable. 

  • Hostel

You don’t worry about your stay when you visit the best surf camp in northern Portugal. Estela Surf & Hostel also runs a small family hostel which is run by a nice couple of local surfers. They provide you with a unique and safe space where one can relax and enjoy the flawless sunset by the sea with nature’s best.

Whether you are traveling alone or with friends, you can choose to spend your days at the hostel. In addition to this, you can even consider sharing a room to save some extra bucks! Plus you don’t have to worry about amenities as they are already provided by the hostel itself. You can add extra to your amenities as well (like meals, etc.)

  • surfcamp

Christmas already comes with tones of anticipation about holidays. Surfcamp can be the best family/friends trip this Christmas holiday. The perfect combination for a memorable vacation with your loved ones. Bring out the surfer in you!

There are a lot of convenient options added for you in the surf camp like accommodations, surf lessons, breakfasts, surf equipment, and more. 

  • surf school

If you’re one of the family members who doesn’t know how to surf, don’t worry, we help you learn surfing easily. This way you can spend the Christmas holidays with your family and friends surfing with them. The surfen classes in Porto are conducted by certified and experienced instructors. This school is aimed towards people who are above 18 and are willing to learn surfing with the best instructors in the town. 

If you are alone this Christmas holiday, we have something for you too. You can simply plan a surf trip in north Portugal at Estela Surf & Hostel. We have tonnes of activities and a great Surfen Porto camp for you. 

Christmas can be a busy holiday for the city, but you can always choose to make it peaceful and memorable. It is one of those festivals that bring people together for the betterment of humanity. Why not this holiday season, you choose to spend here with your family and friends at the best Portugal surf camp. 

We would love to take this as an opportunity and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. We hope this Christmas finds you among those. Making memories this holiday season should be a priority, you happen to take a holiday at our surf camp. We would be more than happy to serve you. Estela Surf & Hostel wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.