France is among the best places for beginners to learn surfing as the place has safe waters. But, can a beginner’s skills improve if he keeps on doing the easy things? Most probably, your answer is also no. To brush up any skill, you need to take up challenges. And, the same rule applies in the case of surfing. No surfer can become perfect at surfing unless he or she steps in challenging waters. Therefore, surfing experts all around the world recommend Portugal as a spot to sharpen the skills. Moreover, the best surf camp in Porto has many certified trainers to help you in the same.

Now, a question pops up why they recommend only Portugal and not any other place. The reason is that the country has some fabulous beaches that offer both challenges and fun to surfers. Furthermore, the best surf camp in North Portugal has many experts to guide you in your journey of becoming a top-notch surfer.

Are you excited to know about these places that Portugal has for you to explore? If yes, then keep reading as below we share them.

Top surfing spots in Portugal recommended by the best surf camp in Porto

Here is what the best surf camp in North Portugal recommends when it comes to surfing spots in the country.


  1. Aguçadoura: This place has the most power-packed waves called “The North Portugal Pipeline” by surfers all over the world. Hence, a lot of surfing challenges await you at this place. In addition to this, here a comfortable and safe place to stay is also easily available as a lot of houses and apartments are available for rent. Tourists from all over the globe come to this place to experience the powerful waves.
  2. Ofir: It is the spot for people who like viewing wild vegetation along with surfing. If you are also one of them, then go check it out. But, do not forget to take the help of the best surf camp in Porto as the place is highly windy, making surfing challenging for even the experienced surfers.
  3. Póvoa de Varzim: Are kids also accompanying you on the surfing tour? If yes, then this is the perfect place to go as it has a separately created and safe seaside pool for kids to play the water games that they love. And, for adult French surfing enthusiasts, there are relentlessly challenging and harsh waves. Moreover, the place also has a casino where you can gamble legally and have some relaxing time after a tiring surfing session.
  4. Estela beach: Are you in search of a quiet beach where you can practice surfing and brush up your skills without any disturbance? If the answer is yes, then go straight to Estela beach. The surfing experts at the best surf camp in Portugal call it one of the quietest beaches where one can surf in peace. Furthermore, it offers phenomenal food. Do not forget to try the traditional wine “vinho verde”. You will surely love it, and its taste will linger in your mouth for long.

Are you now ready to step out of your comfort zone and enter Portugal waters? If yes, then contact the best surf camp in Porto as easy as possible as no matter whether you surf in French waves or Portugal beaches, a helping hand is always needed.

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