Surf school Portugal

Shout-out to all the water sport lovers and adventure keen peeps. Summer is around the corner which in turn boosts up the excitement level for water surfing and chilling at the beach. This post will make you feel as if you are riding on the forward part of the moving wave, with water splashing here and there and your face expressing joy and contentment. Stay tuned to get the sneak peeks about surfing, and enjoy the ride with us throughout the post.

A pretty good place to learn as well as enjoy surfing would be Estela Surf and hostel in the North of Portugal . This camp is well known for its surf schooling, hygiene, convivial atmosphere and other facilities. A must-go place to relax and relish your water surfing moment.

Don’t worry, if you don’t know how to surf, in Estela the trainers and coach take care of you really well and mark my words they really try to make you a pro in the sport.

Water-surfing is a kind of sport which takes away all your stress and fills your heart with bundles of joy and laughter. It is considered to be a recreational sport, making you appreciate and delight the nature. Being it a competitive sport too, will increase your focus and confidence.

Things you need while going for surfing camp:

  • Sunscreen: To protect your skin from getting tanned
  • Water bottle: To keep you hydrated and going
  • Surfboard: You can get it at Estela Surf and Camp
  • Towel: After a fresh shower, can use it to pat dry
  • Swimsuit and a bag: these are pretty much necessities

Okay next, this question is really on demand and a lot of people are skeptical about it. But after reading this, you will get better clarity on the same. So the question is “Do I need to know swimming before going for a surf ride? The answer to it is that you don’t need to be a professional, but it is important to have basic swimming skills to protect and safeguard you more. Estela surf camp gives you primary knowledge about front flips and backflips in the water.

Another thing one needs to know before going for surfing is you need to learn it well and hone the skills properly before taking it on your hand. If you a beginner, then initially the instructor teaches you on the land, and I’m informing you before that you gonna spend majority time learning the moves and tactics on land. Forgive the trainer huh, if he/she makes you do the same thing repeatedly. Note it down, the more you do, the more you get. So after practicing a lot on land, your muscle memory will kick in when you do the surf on water. And then you’ll make your mark on this journey of water surfing, WOW right..!!

Please don’t lose hope if you didn’t get right on your first try. Perfection is made after a lot of trials and hard work. Keep in mind, that it is a sport to enjoy and not to be taken so seriously.

Disclaimer: Do not jump or run or get way too excited while surfing on waters.

Take it lightly and enjoy the swift turns and twists of the waves.

Well said by Jeff Hakman, “Surfing is almost a way to fly”. When you surf, you feel like on the top of the world, with much adrenaline rush. Water surfing in the north of Portugal gives you a lifetime experience and lots of memories to be cherished forever.