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Riding the waves, a sport, and for some a feeling, they will remember their whole lives. Surfing is the mastery of nature’s beautiful and vast waters . A Sport that has the mythical,The people of the United Kingdom share this love for the beautiful waves and thus have so many beautiful beaches. But as we surfers enjoy ourselves the challenge, the waves of Portugal beaches are best. The experience of riding the wave is always new, and we at Estella and warren promise to enhance the experience every time.

Portugal having its mild climate is popular among travelers of all the world and especially the morning breakers, And the variety of waves here are just amazing. Small big you name it Portugal has it. This is why the place is so popular among surfers. It’s a great location for you to learn surfing with surf camp in Portugal lots of places offering surf lessons and packages. (We are great hosts too) Portugal is situated in a way, all the waves come to this beautiful land making surf conditions very consistent. For challenging waves, winter is the best time. And for you to enjoy and learn, summer should be when you are going to book your tickets to the amazing destination.

Learning to surf is one of the most amazing and mythical experiences, as you are around something so big and powerful, and surfing with a partner is as amazing as it can get. The best surf camp in Portugal – Estela Surf & Hostel will promise you the experience, and safety.

Portugal has a mild climate with very common morning breezes and having huge surfing waves with consistency making it one of the most popular surfing destinations in and out of Europe.

If you want to experience the challenge of waves, visiting during winters is best as the waves are of 6 ft and can get up to 15 ft. 

And if you are a beginner, visiting Portugal during the summers is best as the waves are consistent in the 3ft to 5 ft mark.

Like we all learn and grow when we step outside our comfort zone, the beautiful beaches of Portugal are waiting for you to learn and grow. And learning from the best surf camp in north Portugal is a must.

Best beaches for surf holidays in Portugal

From the world record 100 ft wave, Portugal beaches are famous for their beautiful and challenging waves – 

  • Buarchs

Buarcos, the popular wave for surfers looking for quality beach waves. The place is recognized as one of the best beaches for surfing with holding several competitions throughout the year. Also, the place serves as a base camp because of the great waves near the place.

  • supertubes

A safer destination, the place is known for the best break waves in the right conditions. The place can provide many waves, whether being right hand or left hand depending on the conditions, is filled with surfing enthusiasts. 

  • Matosinhos beach

This is the Portugals most consistent beach waves destination. The place has fewer rocks and is less windy. The waves are not strong and suitable for all levels of surfers. The place does not have big waves for experienced surfers, but the consistency is what makes the beach best.

  • Nazareth

Made the surfing of Portugal famous, this beach will give you monstrous waves, that should only be surfed by professionals and experienced. When you look at the beautiful waters, you won’t expect such big waves, but the beach is home to not big but monstrous waves. 

  • lame

This is a classic, right-hand wave that is big and famous. The wave is not for the beginner and you should only try to ride the wave when you have experience in hand. The beach is very busy when the surfing conditions are right, and is consistent with its waves. The beach is perfect for enjoying the thrill, fear, and excitement of beautiful surfing.

And also, if you are just visiting the beaches to enjoy the waves and have a great time, We at the Estella surf & hostel surf camp in north Portugal will be your perfect companion, from training to surf, to having Portuguese wine or cocktail while enjoying the beautiful sunset, we are here for you.