It is simple to think that surfing is a simple sport when you watch skilled surfers ride on enormous waves with strong energy. However, the reality is that perfecting carving and ripping on big waves takes a lot of work, muscle, and agility. Unfortunately, many inexperienced surfers prefer to disregard this advice and soon they become dissatisfied. Practicing your surfing techniques at Porto surf school before participating in the sport is best because the water can be challenging to master, and the waves can be rather unexpected. Below, mentioned are the mistakes you need to avoid while surfing:

Choosing the Wrong Board

Making the wrong board size selection is arguably the most prevalent error made by beginner surfers. You must be sure that the board you choose suits your expertise. Longer boards are significantly more straightforward and safer for beginners, although small panels may appear more remarkable. According to experienced surfer, you should also select a board that is appropriate for the type of waves you are going to be catching, not just the right one for your weight, size, and capability.

Wrong Positioning on the Board

It would help if you leaned toward the nose of the board when paddling through a wave to give the board more gravity and catch the wave. Depending on the board’s bow, you can do this slightly. To avoid the board dipping underwater, do not lean too far forward. As the board strikes the beach bottom, this is known as pearling and can harm you or destroy the board. Make sure you are standing on the imaginary center line of your board to ensure you are in the proper position. Porto surf camp will teach the standing position that makes it easy for you to catch waves and keeps the board from tossing sideways.

Ditching the Warm Up

A proper warm up should be performed before your surfing session, just like any other sport. When you are surfing, you will make a lot of abrupt movements that call for your body to be prepared for them. Because you need to spend more time on land warming up your muscles, tendons, and joints, you don’t want to wind up hurting yourself. It is best to exercise on the beach, do some stretches, and practice with your pop-up on the sand are some ways to mend it. Surf camp Porto can help you prepare mentally for the surf and reduce your risk of damage.

Wearing Your Wetsuit Inside Out

The wetsuit is an essential piece of equipment for surfing in cooler weather. Due to its synthetic rubber and numerous layers, the wetsuit aids in keeping your body warm. Although the wetsuit’s primary purpose is to prevent hypothermia, wearing it incorrectly will not keep you warm and may even make your session nearly intolerable. Sometimes the most challenging aspect of surfing is getting into the wetsuit since it takes so long and is difficult. Ensure the wetsuit isn’t on backward or inside out before donning it. The fact that the wetsuit brand’s emblem is on the front may be a more subtle sign that this is correct than it first appears.

Bad Pop-Up Timing

To choose the ideal time to stand up on the board, you must understand the wave’s motion. Before you learn how to judge when to stand up, you will miss numerous waves as a beginner and fall off your board frequently. Timing is crucial thing when surfing. Make a mental point to remind yourself not to get up too rapidly when performing your pop-ups. Start paddling quickly and efficiently as soon as you spot the wave you want to ride. Giving the wave one or two more strokes of the paddle when you feel it lifting you off the ground, then perform your pop-up. Keep in mind not to rush this motion. Remember that you will need to practice a lot until you get it correctly, so be patient with yourself.

Final Thoughts

You will undoubtedly make many mistakes when learning to surf, and the learning curve is incredibly steep. The key is to grow from your mistakes and become conscious of your body’s movements when surfing. You can acquire proper surfing methods to aid you along the road and advance more quickly by enrolling in a Surf camp Portugal.