surf trip in the north of portugal

Out of all the sports that one can think about, perhaps, those involving water are the best. For instance, the thrill that we experience while surfing is out of the world. Do you want to enjoy the same but are not sure about how to do it? If yes, then we are here to help you indulge in the most pleasurable surfing experience. The first step of having a fun-filled surfing trip is finding the perfect location and the best surf camps in Portugal, the land of surfers.

Talking about the place to surf, the north of Portugal has the perfect beaches for you to play with the waves. Want to know what makes these beaches the best surf location? Well, they are pleasantly clean, well-managed, uncrowded, have the most suitable weather conditions, vast, and above all they can give you the unmatched surfing pleasure.

Coming to the best surf camps in Portugal, the country is full of surfing schools and camps. You may find a surf school at almost every Portuguese street. But, not all of them can suit your requirements the most. The surfing camp that we recommend is Estela Surf & Hostel. We know that you must be pondering about what’s so special about this surf school and what makes it one of the best camps to join for a surf trip in the north of Portugal. We shall answer these questions in the below segment.

Why join Estela Surf & Hostel for a surf trip in the north of Portugal?

There are several reasons for which this surf camp has ruled the surfing world for a long time and bagged the title of one of the best Portugal surf camps. We share the prominent ones out of them below.

  • Reasonably priced: The price structure at this one of the best Portugal surf camps is affordable for all. Thus, if you join this camp, then you don’t have to compromise with fun because of the budget constraints.
  • Comfortable stay: Staying comfortably and healthy food is the first thing that anyone may want. It is one of those camps for a surf trip in the north of Portugal that provide you the same at no extra cost.
  • Provides equipment: Surfing requires certain special equipment such as a surfboard and they may not be easy to get. Thus, at this surf camp in Portugal, you get almost all the equipment that is required.
  • Professional trainers: No matter whether you are an expert surfer or a newbie, a helping hand is always needed. The professional trainers at Estela Surf & Hostel, i.e., one of the best Portugal surf camps be the same for you. They help the advanced surfers brush up their skills even more as well as the beginners learn the basics of surfing with ease.
  • Power to customize: The requirements of a couple going for surfing may be entirely different from that of a group of friends. This best camp for a surf trip to the north of Portugal understands the different requirements that you may have and lets you make the needed .
  • Varying packages: The needs of people vary with each other. What an expert surfer wants may be entirely different from the wants of a beginner. This one of the best surf camps in Portugal understands it well. Hence, here there are different packages based on an individual’s requirements.

best Portugal surf camps

Above were the reasons for which a lot of enthusiastic surfers trust Estela Surf & Hostel for their surf trip in the north of Portugal. These reasons are not the end and you’ll get to know more of them once you join the camp. Thus, don’t think twice before contacting the Estela representatives for more details. We wish you fun-filled and memorable surfing experience.