Surf school Portugal

This year was a bit stressful for all of us. We were caged inside our homes fighting a deadly virus. But, now you can put all your worries at rest as the time to rejoice is just around the corner. We can now take a break from all the tension that we had since the year’s beginning and plan for the happy times that are awaiting us. So, how are you going to spend the rest of the year? If you haven’t thought of anything, then we’ve got an amazing idea for you. You can go surfing in the waters of Portugal. Pondering what if you don’t know how to surf. Well, in that case, there is no need to worry as there are Porto surf schools to help you out.

Now, a question that pops up in the mind is that the Earth is full of beautiful places with amazing water bodies, then why only Portugal. We have several good reasons to suggest this location. We talk about the same below.

Why choose Portugal for surfing?

Portugal is an incredibly beautiful place that anyone would love to visit. Apart from the scenic beauty, this place is also immensely popular as a surfing location. According to the experts at the best surf school Portugal, below are the reasons that make it a popular surfing spot.

  • Pleasant climate: Portugal has the perfect climate that you need. The sunny sky makes surfing an even more pleasant experience for you.
  • Soothing cleanness: The beaches in Portugal are among the cleanest ones that you can find. Wild water and soothingly clean place, the perfect combination. Isn’t it?
  • Foodie’s favorite: Portugal is perhaps the favorite place of foodie’s all across the globe for its delicious seafood. If you are a vegetarian, then you won’t be disappointed. The place has a lot of mouth-watering vegetarian and vegan dishes to offer.
  • Small crowds: There are many beaches and surf spots in Portugal. Thus, you won’t find the entire crowd gathered at a single spot only. This makes it a calm and safe place to go for surfing.

Above was just a snapshot, you’ll get many other reasons to love Portugal once you visit it. Now, coming to the best surfing school in Portugal, we recommend you Estela Surf & Hostel. It is among the best surf camps in Northern Portugal that you can learn surfing from. We have several good points to convince you about the same. Through the next segment, we share the same.

What makes Estela Surf & Hostel the best surf school in Portugal?

Portugal is the land of surfers and has a plethora of surfing schools. But, not every surf school is the perfect fit for your requirements. Below is how Estela Surf & Hostel fits your needs and the reasons for which it is known as the best surfing school in Portugal.

  • Pocket-friendly packages: We believe that fun should not cause a burden on your pockets. Hence, we offer the most economical surfing packages that are both fun-filled and enjoyable.
  • Expert trainers: What makes Estela Surf & Hostel the best surf school in Portugal is that we have expert trainers to guide you in every step of the way. The trainers are expert surfers who make sure that surfing becomes a safer and enjoyable experience even for the newbies.
  • All facilities available: With this best surfing school in Portugal, you don’t need to worry about the arrangement of your stay, surfboards, and such other equipment. All the required facilities including stay are available in our package itself.
  • Well-designed courses: We have well-designed courses to suit the needs of all kinds of surfers ranging from beginners to the advanced ones.

Are you now excited to surf in the Portugal waters? We know you are. Estela Surf & Hostel is waiting to make your surfing experience a memory to be cherished forever. Feel free to contact us.