"This is the best hostel I’ve ever stayed at! Very clean, and very welcoming. I had a great time hanging out with the family that runs this hostel. Everyone there are amazing and warm hearted people, who are passionate about what they do! An unforgettable experience!"

 Who’s Jaime?

She’s very active and loves to spend time outdoors. She says she feels most alive in that environment, while she is in the moment going for a swim or skating. Considers herself a very introverted person but that doesn’t stop her from having these experiences, as she is able to go with the flow and enjoy other people around her. 

We decided to start a new segment of articles to talk about the experiences our guests have with us at Estela Surf & Hostel. They elevate us, helping our surf camp become a better version with every single guest that comes to stay with us or have a surf lesson. Learn their stories and experiences at our surf camp in portugal.

Why did you choose to stay at a surf camp?

I chose a surf camp because I had the goal of learning how to surf during my stay in Portugal. So, I figured it would be convenient for me to stay at a surf hostel. I also wanted to be surrounded by people who enjoyed surfing during my stay.

Why did you decide to come to the north of Portugal to surf?

As a beginner, I wanted to learn how to surf somewhere that wasn’t going to be congested and crowded with people. I figured North Portugal would be much more calm.

What do you think about this region of portugal?

I found North Portugal to be full of friendly locals, and beautiful beaches that are very clean and not crowded. Everyone that I encountered had a very calm and happy vibe.

Why did you opted by Estela Surf camp instead of other options?

I chose Estela Surf Camp because it seemed to be off the beaten path compared to other camps on the map. I also did a little research about this hostel and they mentioned they went to beaches that were little well known. I also saw that this was a fairly new hostel and after my stay there I was very impressed by the atmosphere and how welcomed I felt.

Can you tell us how was one of your days at Estela Surf Camp?

A typical day at Estela surf hostel is very chill. I would come back to the hostel after a fulfilling surf session, and the guests are given a space to cook themselves lunch. I would hang out and eat in the beautiful backyard. If I wanted to go somewhere, Raquel was very helpful and kind enough to give me a ride into Povoa to the train station.


Which beach was your favorite?

My favorite beach is Praia De Ofir.

Did you feel improvements in your surf during your stay?

Even though I am a beginner, and I learned how to surf in Estela, I did feel that I improved about halfway through my stay there. I think I became decent in paying attention to the waves and timing when to paddle.

What did you learn in the experience in the Estela surf camp?

When I skate, I ride goofy. I learned that with surfing, I am actually in a regular stance. I learned how to establish a zone to surf in by setting out flags or other items on the beach. I also learned how to take off, and how to properly stand on the board.

What was your favorite part about surf camp?

My favorite part about the surf camp of course was going out into the ocean and trying
my best to catch some waves!

How important was it for you to have someone by your side constantly during these first experiences with surfing?

For me it wasn’t important that I always had someone by my side. In the first few days of course, they will give enough attention to make sure you know what you are doing. After those first few days, it feels good to be a bit more independent and take tips on what I can improve on.

Do you feel like this surf camp helped growing the surf passion inside of you?

This surf camp definitely grew my passion for surfing. It has been something I’ve wanted
to do for such a long time, and I must say I love it!

This surf camp definitely grew my passion for surfing. It has been something I've wanted to do for such a long time, and I must say I love it!

This surf camp definitely grew my passion for surfing. It has been something I’ve wanted
to do for such a long time, and I must say I love it!

To sum up

What makes us truly happy is when we ask questions like ”Would you return to Estela Surf & Hostel” and Jaime immediately answers the following: ”I definitely want to come back some day! Estela Surf Hostel gave me great vibes during my time there, and the family that runs this hostel are awesome and kind people! 🤟”. This is the real definition of the feedback we strive to get at the end of each experience the guests have with us, whether it’s in the surf school or the hostel.

After reading this, will you book your own stay?  

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