best Portugal surf camps

Hola Surfers out there! How’s it Going

Take your surfing to awesome new heights with Estella Surf & Hostel. We are delighted to provide you with the hacks to help you surf better. Is surfing something that you always dreamt of, but the fear of failure is haunting you. Fret not dear future surfers. We are the best surf camp in Portugal and help you ease off those worries and fears.

As you all know the beginning is tough but we will help you every bit to get going and get better at surfing.
You must put in some hard work and effort to get better at it. Nothing comes easy. Even the great Surfer was once a beginner.
If you go through with our tried and tested hacks and follow well, congrats on your way to becoming a
Great surfer.
So, without any further ado, let’s get started

Don’t Try to do it all by yourself

Don’t get caught up with the idea that you have enough knowledge to wade through the waves. Absolutely wrong! Either get help from an experienced coach or opt for the best surf camp in Portugal. You perhaps have heard that the prevention is better than cure. This way you save yourself from risk and Injuries or even staking your life in danger. On a serious note* Estella Surf & Hostel is your go-to choice to make your surfing experience seamless and memorable.

Have Fun and live every bit of surfing adventure

Surfing enthusiasts this is so far the best surfing tip you could receive. Soak up the words of wisdom have some fun and unwind yourself and let the surfer in you unleashed. The right way of doing anything is taking pleasure in doing be it sport, adventure, or life. You don’t have to be a wave hog. Yes you need to follow surfing etiquette.

Find a Good Coach

The million-dollar advice is to find a professional and knowledgeable expert when planning a surf trip in the north of Portugal. Remember an efficient coach will be your guide through every step, mentor, and will bring the best potential surfer in you with his knowledge and expertise gained from surfing over the years. Do your homeworkand read their reviews online, get in touch with and clarify all the doubts you had about surfing.

Do some warm-up and light exercise

Before you step into this amazing sport. Brace yourself and do a little warm-up before you step into the water. Stretching will reduce the chances of cramps and it will increase your heart rate. Prior you get into some action prep up your body first.

Go to Beginner Friendly Beach

Since you are not a pro at surfer yet. it is important to know that Beaches are appropriate for new beginners, steady waves and the complete learning process will be easier for you. With the right dedication and possible efforts, you are upgrading your surf skill. Take your time don’t rush straight into the water. Keep a keen watch what other surfers are doing, take a moment to observe and feel the waves.
This habit and patience will help you in the long run. Surfing enthusiasts don’t you do in a hurry always remind yourself that, you have all the time in the world to surf.

Bottom Line

As a beginner, you may fall prey to big waves and risks. Don’t get caught up. Paddle, paddle, and paddle yes, you heard it right. This might be exhausting for the fresher’s but this will keep you in great shape though  and help you maintain a rhythm with waves. Don’t get yourself too much worked up, give yourself time, and be patient. As you know, practice and patience make a man perfect.
When a stormy wave is ahead of you, don’t get panic you can race to paddle over or you can duck under it.

I hope it has been a great read. Hope you fall in love with surfing