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Germans love to surf and they love to travel. `There is no exaggeration in saying that Germans are always fond of surfing, traveling and getting around. Germans have mentioned surfing as their choicest favorite sport quite a lot of times. As you all are aware surfing is a well-known sport in Germany and surfing has kept a steady community of hardcore fans. Are you from Germany who is fond of surfing? Then this penned note is certainly for you. Here we are going to unveil how to take your surfing skills a level high with the surf camp Portugal. Surfing enthusiasts are drawn irresistibly toward this ah-ma-amazing sport and leave no opportunity to become a pro surfer. To be pro at something you need practice and perseverance. Surfing aficionados across the world recommend Portugal as a fav spot to level up the surfing skills.

The practice makes a man perfect the same when you practice surfing and explore the various kind of waves you become better at it. Also, trying up something new is so much thrilling and fun. The cherry on the cake is surf camp north Portugal has many certified experts to guide you in your journey of becoming a top-notch high-end surfer. Furthermore, Porto camps have many elite trainers that will guide you throughout every step and help you in becoming an elite surfer. Portugal has got some amazing spots for surfing enthusiasts to explore these unexplored beaches.

Now, a question pops up in mind that why Portugal and not any other place? Here’s why. The obvious reason is the country has stellar beaches, that offers great adventure and thrill and challenge to unleash the inner surfer in you.

One of the prettiest places and learning schools to explore surfing is

Estela Surf & Hostel. It offers cultural exchange through hospitality. These days it seems everyone has surfed in Portugal in their bucket list. Every year we are overwhelmed` there are new surf camps, holiday packages, and holiday surf packages. And with all of these questions, it becomes difficult to decide where you will spend the next surfing holiday.

Pondering what are the amazing spots that are incredibly amazing to surf in Portugal? There are so many treasures in Portugal waiting for surfers to unleash them. A few of surfers favorite are as follows

Well, we are going to unveil the same below.

You must visit them once

  1. Póvoa de varzim

Póvoa de varzim is one of the most amazing seaside towns in the north of Portugal, with a gorgeous mountain top church providing amazing views of the coast. The waves are great for intermediate and as well as novice surfers.

  1. Matosinhos

This one is rated as one of the best places to learn surf in Porto. the place attracts surfers locals and surfing explorers. When it comes to great surfing session you can count on Matosinhos.

  1. Nazare

It hardly needs an introduction. This is one of the top big wave destinations for pro surfers to unleash themselves You can watch the big wave surfers towing in on

  1. Estela and Aguçadoura

Surfers, if you have been eyeing for a charming seaside town with cool places to eat, great nightlife, and a bit of surfing head to Estela and Aguçadoura.

`The place is also known for appetizing seafood and lip-smacking pastry You can watch jet ski’s and sometimes even pro surfers paddling into monster waves that make the ground shake. The bone-chilling surfing sessions make this place stands a class apart. This one is the most adorable seaside town with about a million spots. You may call it another surfing mecca. If you’re seeking for waves in stormy conditions go for Estela and Aguçadoura

  1. Carcavelos

The spot barely needs an intro to pro surfers. It is considered as original and one of the best and elite places to surf in Portugal. Surfing in Portugal it is absolutely worth it. The best surf camp in Porto could be your best surfing partner for you.

The fascinating surf spots that every surfer must visit once in their life