Olá Surfing Lovers out there! Hope you ‘all keeping safe by staying indoors

We understand that summertime is on and you ‘all must be feeling dull, anxious, and inactive during these quarantine days. Fret not! Since we know how much of you love surfing we have this post for you to delight the surfers in you and help you stay in know with surfing essential before you begin the amazing sport.

Surfing is a wonderful sport and to enjoy every bit of it you have to prep yourself up like a pro surfer. So, here we have this guide to satisfy your inquisitiveness and keep you engaged and lively during these harsh times.

You don’t want to caught short? Surfing is one of the wonderful sports out there to relax and unwind you, work out and meet and greet great surfers. It is perfectly stated, ”the three most important things in life surf, surf, and surf.”

Surfing adventure is so magnificent, soothing, and awesome activity, If the waves are calling your name these scorching summers or you are all set to live your dream and you are looking to take up surfing below tips will help you get going with surfing.

What you surfers need to consider

So, without any further ado lets get started

Simply like any other sport surfer also demand 

Want to make surfing experience memorable and pleasurable? Brace yourself, screenshot it, takes notes, grab your gear


Having the right equipment helps you surf better. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about the surfing board. This is extremely significant. You just need the perfect board, explore the wave and develop your surfing knowledge gradually.

Do some Research 

Performing some research beforehand is a great idea. But the best thing is to have knowledgeable surfers that have been in the surfing industry for a considerable time. Estela Surf & Hostels is your go-to destination. The experts there can guide you in every step of surfing very well. This is indeed your best bet when we talk about Best Surfcamp in Northern Portugal.

Leg Ropes

Guys, just as we discussed right surfing board indispensable for smooth surfing the same way it’s equally needed to have a great leg rope too. These ropes keep the board under stable control and all the most prevent from any sort of damage or injuries while.


How could a pro surfer overlook safety addition, apart from surfing suit and board it is a great companion. Don’t fret how tacky or uncool they would look. It makes total sense to wear a helmet for safety.

It will save from dangerous situation


Of course, you would never want to get tan during scorching summers or become prey to sunburn. As you all know sun rays are extremely harmful to the skin, so you have to make sure that your skin is protected by healthy and skin-friendly sunscreen. 

Wet suit

There are many reasons to buy one

Some of them are as follows

  • Can help you float
  • Look great if you have an athletic body
  • Ahan, myriad styles are available
  • Keep you warm in cold water.

It is important to consider the thickness as per the temperature. Thicker suits are ideal for winter, If you wish to have memorable and real surfing experience don’t lag talk to best surf school Portugal and enjoy surfing lessons with the best of instructors. Surfing school in Portugal provides you with the opportunity to live your passion along with a delightful stay.

On a serious note no matter how seamless it may look never dare to approach surfing all by yourself. As you know surfing is one of the technical as well as complex sports. If you are dead serious to learn surfing learn it right away. Have an experienced coach at Porto Surf school before you attempt to do all by yourself.

Hope you have a great read surfers