Covid-19 Guidelines: How to Protect Yourself & Others

The beginning of 2021 has not planned out as expected. Though it is the dark portion for the people worldwide, now the situations are gradually turning normal. It is now the time to get back to the regular life where you spend time for your growth. Surfing is one of such favorite activities of the people in Portugal. However, during the time of the COVID-19, it is mandatory to introduce the additional health and safety operational procedure to ensure the safety of the staff and clients. Here are several common aspects you have to consider in the Surf school, Portugal

Screening before attendance

The non-contact temperature reading must be taken before guests can enter the camp. No one with a temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius should be allowed to move around the camp, should go to our COVID-19 isolation room while waiting for the result of the fast covid test.

Contactless payments

The currency is one of the crucial things that serve as an element for the virus carrier. It is better to look for a surfing school that will collect the fee through a cashless option. Further, all the customers’ records and the staff and interactions should be kept to enable accurate contact tracking if needed. It is crucial to break the chain of the virus. Also, indemnity forms to be completed online before the beginning of the lessons.

Care for personal hygiene

All the guests in the best surf camps in the north of Portugal, should be encouraged on arrival at the Camp to respect the security rules against COVID-19, applied on the place. Upon meeting the coach at the check-in, the participants should have a temperature check-up and sanitize their hands with the sanitiser. A face mask should be worn upon check-in and during gear allocation. If the participants do not have the facemask, they should have an option to purchase it from the nearby shops. They should also bring their own towels, sunscreen and water bottles, and none of these should be shared. Sharing of such personal items should be strictly discouraged. In our Surf Camp you can find alcohol gel dispensers in all common areas.

Gear allocation

Gear will be packed out ant arranged as pre the participant to sizing given during booking. The gear participants will be allocated at the start remains their gear for the surf experience’s entirety. Gears may not be shared or swapped with any other participants in the school.


Social distancing

When it comes to the precaution for the COVID-19 social distancing is the right tool you have to adopt. The school should encourage participants to book private lessons for the family and friends from the same household. They should also ensure the social distancing throughout the lesson between the participants and the staff. The group sizes will be kept with the maximum number of 5 for a coach to encourage social distancing.

Fortunately, surfing and SUPing by nature is the sport where you should have-mores social distance by nature. It is not only to secure you from COVID-19 but from water accidents as well. During the land session, your coach will advise on seating or standing arrangements to ensure the spatial regulations are met appropriately. Further, it is also better if the Best surf camps in Portugal frame their guidelines for the safety of measures for the wellness of the staff and the students.

Cleaning and disinfecting

Periodic cleaning is vital to fight the COVID-19 virus. All the equipment should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use to remove any harmful germs before and after every use. The staff should also use the PPE to avoid the possibilities of contact with the gears during the process. The wetsuits should also be hung in the sunshine to avoid the virus.

Booking and cancellation policies 

Generally, people passionate about surfing will look for the surf camp and book for the course. However, as it is a pandemic period, safety takes the front seat. Though you have booked for the Estela Surf & Hostel, you will not be allowed to take up the practice when you are with the COVID-19 symptoms. Instead, you can apply for a 100% refund following the terms and conditions. 

The bottom line

It is the common responsibility of any organization to focus on the rules to care for the people in the organization. When it comes to surfing, the aforementioned sets of guidelines are mandatory to follow to fight against COVID-19.