Luxury surf holidays Portugal

Surfing and staying, is that what you are looking for? If yes, then below you will find the
best surfing holidays in Portugal where you can spend time with your close ones and enjoy

Working weeks and months can be tire, and to refresh your mind, you have to find what you
love. While in France there are many things to do but surfing is what most people love to do on
summer days. If you are one of them, then Estela Surf and Hostel is a great place where you
can spend a little quality time with your loved ones and surf in the peaceful oceans.

You might be wondering why we have chosen Estela Surf and Hostel. To answer all your
questions, we have created this article where we have shared all the details and offerings that
might help you plan your holiday at Estela surf camp, Portugal. To begin with, we have shared a
small brief about Estela Surf and Hostel.

What exactly is Estela Surf and Hostel?

Estela is an ideal place for every individual who wishes to travel and surf. Situated on the banks
of Portugal, Estela is one of the best surfing places to spend time. Surfing being an adventure
sport, doesn’t require people’s attention or hype. Sometimes you just need a cool and calm
place to surf and relax over the blue ocean. To offer you such a soothing experience, Estela
was introduced to the travelers.

Irrespective of your surfing experience you can come here and enjoy a peaceful time. For
surfing beginners, Estela has a separate school which you can join and learn surfing during your
vacation. That brings us to the end of this brief and the start of another descriptive section
where you will find out what all things you can do on a surf holiday in Portugal’s Estela.

Offerings of Estela Surf and Hostel

Here are some of the best things you will encounter during your stay at Estela Surf and

● Hostel
In surf camp Portugal, you get 4 bedroom options in which 2 are shared, and 2 are
double occupancy rooms. Along with the cozy room, you get 2 kitchens, out of which
one has a dining room with a view of the garden.

Leaving the room and kitchen aside, for spending quality time with everyone Estela
Hostel has a living room where you can enjoy watching TV or playing games. The living
room has a sofa along with a fireplace to keep the place cozy and comfortable for

● Surfcamp
A surf holiday in Portugal or a surf camp in Portugal is a pack for surfers, including stay,
food, and surfing. Here at Estela Surf and Hostel, you get 7 nights accommodation that
includes 5 surfing classes with all the equipment offered by us. You just have to wake up
and get ready for the classes as our transport will wait outside to drop you at the point
where activities begin. The pack for a shared room costs 350 Euros/person, and for a
double room, it costs 800 Euros for 2 people.

Other than this the surf camp, Portugal also has a smaller pack which offers 2-night
accommodation along with that you get 2 surf lessons. The charge for a shared room is
150 Euros/person, and for a double room, it costs 300 Euros for 2 people.

● Surf School
As the name suggests the surf camp, Portugal offers classes which you can attend and
learn surfing. At Estela, we have four different plans to help you. Starting with 1 surf
class, which costs 20 Euros per person, then we have 2 surf classes that cost 40 Euros
per person. Third, we have 5 surf classes, 100 Euros per person, and 10 surf classes,
which cost 150 Euros per person.

All the plans offer the same duration of the class, which is three hours. Along with the
class, you get surf equipment, insurance during the class, transport, and free photos.
You can simply choose the plan which you wish to join, and that’s all you have to spend.
Rest all in on Estela Surf and Hostel.