surf trip in the north of portugal

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Do you remember the summer camps of your childhood? They were so much fun with friends. If you want to relive those golden days, then head to one of the best Portugal surf camps and plan a surfing excursion with your dear ones. Wondering why surfing? Well, surfing is among the most fun-filled water sports that anyone can try. It not only energizes your mind and soul but also gives you the kind of happiness that you could not even imagine.

Talking about Portugal, it is among the best places for surfing for multiple reasons such as pleasant weather, delicious food, beach cleanness, peacefulness, uncrowded beaches, and more. Trust us, once you enter the Porto waters, you would wish to spend the rest of your life playing with and enjoying the waves.

Pondering about what if you don’t know how to surf or are just a beginner who’s skeptical about entering the wild waters? If yes, then you don’t need to worry anymore. Portugal has an ocean of Surf camps to help you out. With these camps, you can not only brush up your surfing skills but also make your trip even more memorable.

The question that pops up is how to choose the best Portugal surf camps. Well, there are certain characteristics of the best surf camps that segregate them from the ordinary ones. Knowing about them will help you make the correct choice. Therefore, we share the same in the next segment.

What makes a camp one of the best surf camps in Portugal?

Below are the features that you must consider while choosing the best camp for your surf trip in the North of Portugal and other areas.

  • Availability of comfortable stay: The best Portugal surf camps always make sure that the visitors are comfortable at the place. They make the perfect arrangements for their stay, food, and other basic requirements.
  • Provision of equipment: Surfing requires a lot of equipment such as boards and it may be tough for newbie surfers to arrange them. The best camps to organize surf trips in the North of Portugal always provide all the needed resources and equipment to surfers.
  • Affordable pricing: You might have heard that joining a surf camp is a costly affair. But, the same is not true in case of the best Portugal surf camps. They always charge a reasonable and affordable price for the packages that they offer.
  • Training by experts: Who do you want to be your trainer, an expert and professional surfer, or an amateur who leaves you the midway to fight with the wild waters? We think your answer is the first option, i.e., someone who is a surfing expert and a professional trainer who won’t leave your hand no matter how tough the situations get.
  • Different package types: A single package cannot be the perfect fit for the needs of all surfers. Some of them are the advanced ones who just want to brush up their skills a bit more, whereas, many others are beginners who are just learning to enter the waves with their surfboards. Thus, the best surf camps in Portugal have different packages to suit the requirements of everyone.
  • Availability of customization: The best Portugal surf camps are flexible enough to make customizations as per your requirements. Thus, if you are a couple, a group of friends, or even just enjoying the company of yourself, they can change the things to suit your comfort level.
  • Follow-ups: It is the online era. We don’t make in-person reservations anymore. We prefer booking our place online. The best surf camps in Portugal make sure to connect with you as soon as you make a reservation and guide you further.

If you think it is difficult to find a surf camp with all of the above-mentioned qualities, then we can help you out. We recommend Estela Surf & Hostel as here you get everything that is listed in this write-up and even a bit more than that. Thus, it would be great if you contact us for more information.