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Spain, the go-to destination for surfing in the world, has the best surf schools and waters, to learn the beautiful and mythical sport of riding the powerful waters, surfing. The experience is just un-imaginable, and seriously one that should be on your bucket list.

While the whole of Spain is great for surfing, nut if you really want the best surfing experience ever, the famous most famous destination of Portugal will be the place you would want to visit

Portugal is what you need if you love surfing, situated in southern-eastern Europe and bordered by Spain from north and east, Atlantic Ocean from south and west, Portugal is home to the best beaches and waves, and we mean the best part. 

No matter where you are the country always offers the best breakers. Experienced – beginner, Portugal will make your every surfing dream come true. From monstrous waves in the Nazare and calm and consistent breakers in Matosinhos beach, Portugal has it all. From waves ranging from 3 ft to 30 ft, Portugal is home to the surfers and will always be.

The largest wave ever surfed was also in Nazare, Portugal

Reaching as high as 26 degree Celsius/ 79-degree Fahrenheit in the peak time of the summer season, and also the most visited at that time, the place is cheerful and lively. The waves are also great for novice surfers and you will have fun of a lifetime.

And in this beautiful place, it’s not difficult to find great hosts that will make your experience fruitful. From beautiful beach houses to amazing views, Portugal is all about surfing and the place is filled with wine cellars. So, expect tasty local wine too. Though there are many surf camps in Portugal, they are very crowded and the beaches are full sometimes. But there are many places still less known and we at Estella surf & Hostel, surf camp Portugal are the best in our domain. 

With the best surf camp Porto Estella surf & hostel, the experience will be the best. Yes, we guarantee.

Situated in the north of Portugal, surf camp north Portugal Estella surf & hostel offers not just surfing, but way more than that. Best hosts, and fun buddies, the place is run by surfing enthusiasts and experts. That live the experience and will even get you the best wine of Portugal. 

Top reasons why you will enjoy surfing holidays in Portugal

And as to why are we so sure well: –

  • Situated in the village of Estella, the place is owned and managed by a couple of local surfing enthusiasts and lovers.
  • And just after a 5-minute drive, you get beautiful white sand beaches that have constant waves for you to ride
  • You get to stay in a beautiful place with lawn growing fruit trees and a terrace bar for you to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Wine or cocktail, you wish it.
  • It’s not just a surf school, but a whole experience, with local traditions and lovely hosts.

You get a variety of experiences, from surf camp to surf school to even a hostel.

  • Surf School

  • 3 hours of surf training with a certified instructor
  • Complete surf equipment with insurance, yes!
  • transportation
  • We are the cameraman and you get great photos for yourself for free!
  • Hostel

  • You get a double room or you can share!
  • You get a shower, hairdryer, free WIFI, bathroom, heating, toilet, beautiful tile/marble floor, bedding, coat rack, and toilet paper
  • And we offer many different amenities like BBQ place, beautiful garden, terrace with bar, smoking areas and pets are allowed too!
  • Surf camp

  • Stay accommodation, delicious breakfast prepared from fresh local foods, like fresh meat, fresh fish, fresh vegetables, Surfing classes.
  • Your transport is also taken care of.
  • And we analyze your video and photos of surfing and make sure you fix the little mistakes and become the master of the water

Estella has great beaches, that are not that crowded and that is what makes the destination go-to. The beautiful gardens, white beaches, beautiful waters, experience learning surfing. We don’t just host you, we host an experience. We the best surf camp Porto.