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As we all know surfing is a great sport and there is no exaggeration in saying that. It is one of the nicest ways to explore nature. Isn’t it? Maybe you envy pro surfers? Maybe you are fond of adventurous sport a Lil too much? Or maybe looking for a new hobby? Whatsoever it is guys before you start surfing one needs to be well versed with all details and basics related to surfing. In short, you’re going to need a guide. The better you prepare the more adventure and thrilling fun awaits you on the waves.

Well stated,” it is cakewalk when you know how” what an impressive saying by Gerry Lopez. So, guys, we will go about a few cherry-picked tips for you that will help you surf better.

This post will help you understand the basic and must-haves for surfing So, are you excited to learn further?

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A few mistakes to avoid

Folks, this sport is not as easy as it may seem. Surfing Novice ends up doing a lot of mistakes if not being wise and prepared

Here are a few mistakes that you must avoid

  • Using a board that’s too small
  • Surfing without proper guidance
  • Not paying attention or heed to local surf condition rip, rocks and other dangers
  • Not observing waves
  • Go to beginner’s friendly
  • surf beach to have better surfing experience
  • Not physically prepared or sound before surfing- since you know that surfing is a physically challenging sport. Guys, you need to have amazing endurance, flexibility, and strength.

Learning How to surf

You perhaps have heard the famous phrase better prepared than sorry and the same goes for surfing. Folks what happens is in the lieu of excitement and adrenaline rush we overlook the basic rules. To pursue anything in life you need strong dedication, time, effort and zeal to learn

Find the best surf school 

The first and foremost thing that will help you get started is to find the best surfing school in Portugal with qualified and as well as experienced professionals.

When you enroll in the best Porto surf school you get the opportunity to observe deeply your instructors whereas the other surfers and most importantly you learn how to balance. Surfing is an art you need to master this art only by deep observation. This way, you can minimize risks and avoid injuries or putting lives in danger.

The best thing is sometimes a great teacher not only teach you how to surf, but they will also make you fall in love with surfing

Surfing Board- The quintessential accessory!

Now comes to a million-dollar tip that you could ever follow. There are myriad models and sizes of boards available out there. if you are overwhelmed by countless choices. Put a pause to your worry. Go for longboard as it is considered the most appropriate and ideal for surfing novice. They are the ideal pick for small waves and beginners.

Types of boards available out there are as follow;

  • Foam Board
  • Funboard
  • Gun
  • Trailer
  • Fish board

Pro Tip> You could experiment with surfboards. Over time you will get to know which one works best for you. The one you must feel the most comfortable with should be your pick.

If you are in the middle of learning, the soft top board could be of great help. It will be gentle and tender to your feet as well as the posterior

The best surfing school in Portugal is Estella surf camp where you will get class apart trainers who will guide you in the best possible manner step by step.

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So, water babies, hope it has been action-packed and fun-filled read.